Natsuke (angel_witch) wrote in add_me,

Hmm where to start?

My friends list is pretty dessert like lately so I'm looking to liven it up. Don't let the numbers fool you. I'd say only 1/3 of those people still make regular entries. When I saw regular I mean more than once a year. lol

37 (about to be 38) and live with my husband and our three cats. I've been married for almost seven years to one of my closest friends from my youth. We have no children but I don't have issues with people who do. Our childfree-ness is complicated.

Former Cyber Industrial Ninja Babe/Gothic Model. I'm not into that as much anymore but I'd still consider myself 'different' than the average person. With that said though I can get along with almost anyone.

Seen and done some pretty interesting things in my life. Tend to have an odd sense of humor so if you get easily offended you may not want to add me.

I have a huge range of interests and am a pretty big nerd at times. Musical tastes run anywhere from Beastie Boys to Fiendflug and everything in between. Except Elvis and Country Music. I can't stand either of those.

I tend to post about whatever is on my mind. I like fan fiction. I also attempt to write it once in a while. I do post some pics, and other assorted goodies. I don't post as often as I used to but I still do it regularly. I do comment, and like to get comments as well. That doesn't mean you have to reply to every single entry but it's nice to see people read what I post.

Most of my entries are friends only, but feel free to check out what you can see or my profile.


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