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Hi! I'm Ashleh, 27 year old Canadian living in Islamabad, Pakistan. I'm engaged to a great guy who I've known for 13 years and we've been together for 4.5 years. He is a military police officer, which is what brought us to this side of the world. It's not my first time living overseas either. We've been here for two years and will be here for another one to two more. I work at an embassy in immigration and I absolutely love my job. No babies yet (we aren't allowed to have them here so if I got pregnant we'd be sent home) but we've got a 4 year old sable German Shepherd named Mya. We've also got an orange tabby back in Canada named Fawkes, who's staying with grandma and grandpa.

My parents are divorced and then divorced again, and again. So I now have two moms and two dads who all have significant others, plus two brothers and two sisters. I'm the oldest. Yep, it's complicated but if you understand that, then great! I love my family more than anything but I'm not one of those people who call their mom or dad once a day. They're lucky if I call once or twice a month. But I always miss them and I'm always thinking of them.

I was a bit of a wild child in my younger years, but things change and people grow up. I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, and I very rarely drink. And while I don't care if you do that, please don't add me if that's all you talk about because we obviously won't have much in common.

I have 9 tattoos but I'm in the process of getting 5 of them removed.

I love big changes but I hate little, insignificant changes. I adapt pretty well I think to new surroundings and I love to explore new places. Back in 2008 I moved to the Netherlands all by myself to be an au pair for a year and a half, which was the best decision I ever made. I believe that by doing that it brought other wonderful things into my life, such as my relationship and Pakistan.

My journal is mostly about my day to day life, my struggles with living in Pakistan, and our travels. We travel every three months to maintain our sanity.

Likes: travel, animals, photography, collecting souvenirs from around the world, the Kardashians, makeup, beauty gurus on YouTube, nail polish, shoes, food, and music of all sorts (country, rap, pop, metal, ska, rock, classical - I don't care for jazz or opera).

Dislikes: negativity, homophobia, cheaters.

Feel free to add me, but please let me know a little bit about yourself and I'd prefer it if we had some things in common.

With my dad when I went home to visit this past June.

I hope you're having a nice day, where ever you are! :)


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