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I named my cat "Jenova", a monicker of a Final Fantasy 7 character who was a pseudo-reference to the AntiChrist.  So I always joke, "My cat will set this whole thing free ..."

That is indicative of the type of person I am.  My name is Mark, and I just need a place to write and, if so they fancy, meet new friends.

I just was released from a mental hospital.   I have schizo-affective disorder not so much from a neurobiologists perspective, but for the lack of any other diseases that include my hallucinations.  I am ineffable and constantly shortcoming.  I never fail to find the negative side of something and it effects my biology.  I think that if I  were to be a practicing epigeneticist I would have cancer.

But I am affable, sometimes loquacious and am enjoyable with good company if you were to meet me at a party.  Im very charming.

What keeps me connected is people.  My grandmother just died; her funeral was today.  I need a place to write.  Welcome, every one.

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