sparrow_spark (sparrowspark) wrote in add_me,

Today's special...

I'm feeling ready to open up my journal and make some new friends again here on LJ. Now to try and convince you we can relate and have fun...

- I'm a university student studying part-time Psychology and Counselling

- I work full time at two cashier jobs to fund my vivacious lifestyle (read: books, video games and food)

- I enjoy baking, cooking and gardening. I will occasionally post pictures of these and my cats. Everybody loves cats right? Right?

- I have a number of fandoms and stories that I love like Harry Potter (Slytherin represent), Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Dr Who, Star Trek and other such goodies.

But we don't need to match interests to be friends. I'm just looking for people who want to be actual friends and are on LJ regularly. I'm 20 so I do prefer over 16...but that more relates to maturity. If you are fabulously young and mature for your age, be my guest.

I will not deal with homophobes, racism or people who'll get offended by my lack of religious beliefs (or by swearing or by lady loving). You are not for me, thank you very much have a nice day sir to you.

So today's special is a friendship trial. If you don't like me, even after 30 days, you can return me at no extra cost AND get a free cookie made by yours truly. And that my friends, is a deal worth taking. If you keep me after 30 days you still get a cookie and a cool friendship with me :D You can't lose!


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