「B R A N」 (sorrowfulskies) wrote in add_me,
「B R A N」

Why hello there!

Basically --
I'm Brandie, just turned 25. I work in retail as...well technically a sales associate, but I've been trained for many other positions in the past. I kind of do everything, but anyway, I'd love to study creative writing and interior design. I have so many hobbies that it's hard to keep up with them all. Those include graphic design/web design, cooking, coding html/css (new to javascript ;w;), photography, drawing, making jewelry (and purses) and writing fic. I live in south Florida, but I'd love to someday travel and visit Ireland and England!

Fandom --
My minor fandoms first -- Sherlock, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Doctor Who, Leverage, X-files, Sailor Moon/SM Crystal, Marvel movieverse, Batman movies, Persona 3/4, Tiger and Bunny, Supernatural, The Elder Scrolls, Kingdom Hearts and somewhat Disney in general, but that one isn't really an active fandom. I have tons of Scifi shows saved on my Netflix list that I will get around to watching

As for my active fandom, that's currently Star Trek! I've seen some of every series and have nearly finished Deep Space 9, Original Series and Enterprise. I'm still somewhat new to Voyager and Next Generation, but I already love them. The movies that I have seen (1 - 4 of TOS movies and both of the alternate reality "reboot" movies), I love as well!

Please keep in mind --
I am religious (Christianity) and I sometimes talk about it, but I definitely respect other religions too. I will absolutely not preach to you so no worries there! I don't believe in abortion and while I'm straight, I'm very LGBT-friendly toward others (I support equal love, no matter your race, gender etc.)

I'm looking for fandom friends with hobbies in common as well (Trekkies are a huuuge plus!), people who post about a mix of life, fandom and even the memes running around elljay. But sadly I won't be able to relate to motherhood journals (I love and want kids someday, but I'm just not in that stage of life now.) I'm also looking for those who are understanding of depression/anxiety. I'm a pretty optimistic, content person, but sometimes I have bad days and I will post about it. I don't expect any friends to be sparkely in every single post either

Soo, that's all for now, if you'd like to be friends, just leave me a comment and mention a few things we have in common :D

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