laura (blondsehun) wrote in add_me,

i've had this journal for quite a while, but most of my friends have left lj altogether, so now i'm looking for new friends! i took a brief hiatus and deleted everything in my journal, so right now my journal is a bit empty but i'm hoping to become much more active. i don't do friends cuts unless you've become inactive or deactivate.

a little about me. i'm laura. i'm a 20 year old student living in canada. my main focus of interest is anthropology, however i've also dabbled in sociology and psychology. i'm particularly interested in human behavior and culture. prior to that i spent a year at a private art school. i have a habit of making schedules and lists, and color coding based on subject and importance. i'm a cat person and have two cats of my own.

[a few fandoms & interests]the borgias, bad girls club, dexter, pretty little liars, oitnb, pushing daisies, suits, the tudors, captain america, lotr/the hobbit, st. elmo's fire, anything to do with horror, book recs, burberry, creative writing, documentaries, shark week, graphics, johnny depp, kpop, sims2, super mario bros., 80s hair bands

if you’d like to be friends either comment here or here!

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