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braaaaaaand new

Hi All,
Sooo I've never had one of these accounts before, kinda interested to see how it goes considering I'm being held basically against my will by my boyfriend to make one...hehe kidding but not kidding. Anyway...I'm almost 19 years old, am 5'3", currently have red hair but am naturally blonde, and live in upstate New York. Although I live in the country (my nearest neighbors are Amish) I am a city girl at heart. I love to be where things are moving and happening. Seeing other people succeed and be happy definitely gets me motivated and I just want to go and go and go like the energizer bunny lol...I am so into art. I would never call myself an artist, but I would definitely call myself an appreciator of art. Maybe even an enthusiast? I write poetry and am constantly sketching/doodling (mostly in class).. I have a crazy hard time trying to focus on one thing at a time. Sometimes I need to have several things happening in order to get one thing done. Another thing...I am nooooowhere near perfect and will never claim to be. I love meeting new people and always have an ear open and a shoulder to cry on. I think I definitely need a way to vent because sometimes I feel like I can't, so hopefully this will be a great outlet haha..and anyone that's adds me can totally vent to me too. I am going to school to be a Social Worker, so I should definitely start learning how to help people through their problems. Uhh...there's really not much to me. I played Volleyball through high school, was in drama club, was Class President one year and Class Treasurer another...I have been the treasurer of National Honor Society, have been inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, have been the Treasurer of my Community Outreach club and just graduated last spring with my 2-year degree...I'm basically a nerd lol,. I work/am enslaved at Panera Bread full time, and I gotta tell ya, I don't see what people think is so great about the place haha. Anyway...if anyone wants to know more about me they can add me and whatnot. Till then....Nikki.


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