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Got a brand new journal and looking to add some lovely new friends to it, i do have another one but only for a couple more months before coming over to this journal properly, during which i will cross post. You're welcome to have a peek at my current journal (jacy20 ) for what my posts are like, and if you're like heeyyyy this crazy cat sounds like a girl i already know. Yeh, tis me. Also have a couple other journals i use, and i flit back and forth, but i do update regularly and keep everyone in the know if i'm taking an hiatus or changing journals.

SO, asides from that, my name is jacy, i'm currently 29, 30 in the early portion of next year. Currently dating someone (well...first date is in a couple weeks time) and i'm unemployed, a part time student studying assisted teaching level 2&3 which would make more sense to people in the UK, which is where i'm from. Just outside of London. I have a few disabilities which i talk about occasionally. I have a varied social life (ish) and you will hear about a few key players (which i'll put in my actual intro entry on my journal for you to look at if you decide, hey this person is kewl!) I live by myself with my 2 cats, fish and a hamster. I also do some volunteering, but don't really talk much about that. I'm also building up my business which i do talk about a little.

I huge fan of TV, so each entry has a youtube fanvid attached to the entry. But now with gifs included sometimes too. woo.
Sometimes i put up photos too if the entry requires it.

I'm an eclectic pagan.

I'd love to hear from anyone who's aged 18+ (my entries contain swearing and occasionally other talk of things and well...wouldn't really have much in common)

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