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queenshillelagh in add_me

Starting a New Journey

The idea of this journal came from an 'article', with a head line stating that those who use social media to over share about their romantic relationships; conversation details, date announcements, "my boyfriend did blank for me", that all of this screams of an individual insecure in their relationship.

I over share on Facebook. I post pictures, I announce that we're going on dates, and I share what the latest sweet or funny thing is that my partner has done to tickle my fancy. I'm completely secure in my relationship. I realized upon reading that post that I had a story to tell. A love story. A healing story. A story with struggle, humor, and passion.

*feel free to add me if you are interested in my story*


I am! :) I'd love to hear your story. And by the way, I disagree that sharing all the things so and so did for you means you're insecure. I like to post those things on FB and here for my own memories and to remember the good times. ❤

YAY! I'm very excited to get started. I have decided to turn all of those things into our life story. I'm not sure how long I'll keep it going or how much we will run into in our lives, but I think it will be great reading.
I'm interested. I'm also in a relationship so I understand. Will add you!
*eyes widen* I found myself nodding in agreement to all of the above! Im intrigued; count me in!! :)
Awesome! Thanks so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the little intro. Now I need to get writing.
hi added you. i'd like to know more about your story :)
HI! You happened to add me after I made my first entry, so you'll have something to read! I added you back. Thanks!
i'm very interested in reading your story. add me.

September 2022



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