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66sporks in add_me

looking for friendz!

I'm Chrissy....
I'm that girl who walks through town and I look like my whole life is together.
I have a fancy degree but I don't use it. I graduated with honors even >__________<
But I didn't follow my passions, that changed the paths I would take, and have taken...
I'm mom I have a bf of 8 years , we have our son ... My life isn't picture perfect, it's like a doll house, I literly just hope no one looks through the windows.

Im 29 years old.
I'm wise beyond that.
I went to college traveled a little, brushed up on various american cultures...
But my own fears which I can't over come keep me with in the boundries of this content...

I'm not a big reader. I go threw spurts....

But my life is not normal so what normal is borning...
I'm living a normal life, different that to which i was raised in or to live to be. Thats okay though.

I'm just me, I'm bipolar I'm fighting to not allow that to define me as much as it has in the past. I just want to be me, not bipolar ...

So if you want to get to know me add me,


I would like to try and get to know more about you, but not sure what you want to read. What are you looking for? :)
I'm pretty open to all people I'm inreigued by reading just about anything anyone is willing to share, it's hard to say hey I want to read this but my journal is complete emotional maddness and varies in every direction!!! We can give it a shot if you want! I
Ok. :) I will add you. :)
This post resonates so much with me! Want to be friends?
absolutely... feel free to friend me :)


Your post intrigues me. Want to be friends?

September 2022



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