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Why doth the smiling Alicroc....

Looking for Friends

Name: Aliya
Age: 36
Hometown: Indianapolis
Relationship status: Married with 3 lovely kids
Hobbies: Camping, Reading, Cooking, Travelling
Zodiac sign: Scorpio

What my journal is for: I started journaling 9 years ago this month during my first pregnancy.  It was mostly to blog about what I was going through then, it has since evolved into my life in general.  I sometimes post a lot, sometimes I go a month or two with radio silence but I always post.   You'll get funny stories, trials and tribulations of life, and the random poem.

Summing me up: I'm a work from home enrollment counselor for an online university.  I love my family, friends and I enjoy exploring and learning about Native American culture even though I myself am not Native American.   I love travelling and will do so till the day I die.  I've lived in several states: Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Virigina, Maine, Colorado and Wyoming.  I've also lived in Pakistan where my father is from, my mom is British so I'm heavily into British comedy :D  I love camping, and my family camps as much as we can.   I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I'm nice, I'm funny and I think that counts for a lot.

I love watching movies with my kids, so I've likely seen every Pixar film 10,000 times, I also like comedy, not into scary movies much to my husbands chagrin, although we are huge Walking Dead fans.  I like to read a lot and I've been a member of the site paperbackswap.com for several years.  I like singing and I'm fairly decent at it.

I have 3 college degrees so I ain't too dumb neither ;)  

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