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Nic Farman

Secret Social Experiment Discovers Global Awareness Toward Enlightenment

It has been made clear, very clear, through the study of science, through spiritual teachers and religious scriptures as well as philosophers, ancient tribes, cultural understandings, evolutional theorists and Mother Nature herself, that our planet and its inhabitants are experiencing an unprecedented change.

The ‘Age of Conscious Awareness’ the ‘Critical Mass’ the ‘Awakening of the Worlds Mind’ the ‘Enlightenment’ or however it is named, is a global topic of immense interest and concern.

The Secret Experiment (The Enlightenment) will capture the moment in time where the collective consciousness becomes the greater balance of each individuals self-awareness. You should have no doubt that this will happen in our lifetime and be aware that you are already participating. The outcome of this experiment is to reach the critical mass needed to obtain global conscious awareness.

The term ‘critical mass’ (from a social dynamic view point) can be used to describe the amount of sufficient momentum needed in a social system so that the momentum becomes self-sustaining and fuels further growth.

As an example, consider walking through a city on a busy evening. If you were to stop on the walkway and look up toward the stars, nothing will happen. People walking by will go on about their business. If 3 people were to join you in looking toward the night sky, perhaps others passing by may momentarily turn around, look up, but then continue on their way. It may be that only a small number of people is required - say, 5 to 7 (depending on such factors as the culture, time of night, width of the street, etc.) - to cause others to stop and look up at the sky too, thus creating a domino effect that causes the majority of people walking by to stop and look up. This number is called the "critical mass".

The Secret Experiment (The Enlightenment) is about you making a choice, a choice to look toward the stars and join the already growing number of people striving for a better world, a world where people are kind and considerate of others, a place where a common belief is to nurture and sustain our planet. It is about participating in the discovery of enlightenment as individuals and as a society. It is about joining the momentum and activating the law of attraction to help reach the critical mass needed for a spiritual global conscious awareness.

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