max_kaijd (max_kaijd) wrote in add_me,

welp this should be fun

I stumbled onto this website years ago back before the app came out and it was going down every night. well im back to try again.

i wont really have a set thing to write/blog/type about i just really feel like typeing and if someone reads it then all the better and if someone comments on it ill love it.

im 23, female, living with my boyfriend, working nights at a career that im just starting out at but i love. i live in arizona and if you ask i will lie about the city but its metro, max kai is not my real name its my pin name, like all the great writers out there. yes, my identity will be false but my personality will be true. no worries i have nothing to hide but i just dont want a creep finding my facebook or things like that.

im hoping to find some people to talk to, share my drama with, debate about life and all that good stuff but im mostly just here to get my words out of my head. maybe some story ideas later...

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