Leah (smokinlily) wrote in add_me,

seeking out life forms that wanna be friends!

hi all! i haven`t done this in a while, but my friends list is kinda dead as far as commenting on my posts.

i`m leah.

26 years old from new jersey. no, it`s not pronounced "JOYZEE" & only us true jersey girls call it DIRTY JERZ. i actually hate it here & wanna get out ASAP. i currently live with my 2 aunts, cousin, 1 cat & 1 "puglette".

i`m a mommy of 2, 3 technically, but i gave my youngest daughter up for adoption this past november.

i`m engaged to the most amazing man (who also pisses me the hell off).

i`m a registered medical assistant & a certified phlebotomist, but i work at a quick-service restaurant currently while i try to get an established career. i also do freelance graphic designing/web design.

i suffer from anxiety & depression. i used to get panic attacks daily, now that has subsided. i`m also manic bipolar & not being treated with medication, only with my own coping mechanisms. i refuse to be put back on medication that i really don`t need.

my posts are mostly me ranting about stupid things that happen in my life, because i don`t have a therapist to talk to about this stuff. i also post updates about how i`m doing, where my life is headed, & on occasion, some pictures may pop up. :)

i`m open to anyone, i`m pro-lgbt, pro-choice (not for myself), & an independent voter. i don`t hate or discriminate. i`m a fun person to be around, usually.

so if you liked that sucky intro, go ahead & add me.

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