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Name: Kimi
Age: 26
About me: I am an autistic person. I only have a rather mild form of it, but I am still diagnosed with it. I also have ADHD, severe anxiety (which is getting better), learning disabilities and developmental delays. I am a child/teenager trapped in the body of an adult. I am also a fangirl as well, so be warned. I love anime, music (especially power metal <3), and I get a long with just about anyone. Just as long as you can also get along with me as well.


♥ PelleK
♥ Simple Plan
♥ All Time Low
♥ Pierce the Veil
♥ Black Veil Brides
♥ Blink-182
♥ My Chemical Romance
♥ Linkin Park
♥ LM.C
♥ We Are the in Crowd
♥ Nightwish
♥ Marianas Trench
♥ Of Mice & Men
♥ Fall Out Boy
♥ Green Day
♥ Shinedown
♥ We the Kings
♥ Demi Lovato
♥ Kamelot


♥ The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
♥ Code Geass
♥ Sword Art Online
♥ Durarara!!
♥ Fullmetal Alchemist
♥ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
♥ Hetalia
♥ Soul Eater
♥ Lucky Star
♥ Air TV
♥ Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
♥ Fairy Tail
♥ Inuyasha
♥ Gundam Seed/Destiny
♥ Gundam 00
♥ Bleach
♥ Chobits
♥ Death Note
♥ K-On!
♥ Black Butler
♥ Naruto
♥ Naruto Shippuden

Other Shows

♥ My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
♥ Adventure Time
♥ Regular Show
♥ Spongebob Squarepants
♥ Sofia the First (lol its cute k? k.)
♥ iCarly
♥ Fairly Oddparents
♥ Doctor Who


♥ Thor
♥ Thor: The Dark World
♥ The Avengers
♥ Ponyo
♥ Howl's Moving Castle
♥ Spirited Away
♥ My Neighbor Totoro
♥ The Nightmare Before Christmas
♥ The Princess and The Frog
♥ The Polar Express
♥ Star Wars Series
♥ The Pirate Fairy


♥ Pokemon Series
♥ Kingdom Hearts Series
♥ Tales of Series
♥ Final Fantasy Series
♥ Digimon World: Dusk
♥ Disney Magical World

About my journal: I do a lot of fangirling over my hero PelleK. It's actually died down some, but there's a chance it could pick up at anytime though. Just a fair warning in case you decide to add me. :3 It's also friends only due to personal reasons as well.

Other: PelleK is my hero. He has helped me through a lot, and I really cherish him. I look up to him very much, so I can't really imagine being without him. He makes me very happy as well. He's also very sweet too. I will stand by him no matter what. I won't tolerate anyone who bashes him or his music either. Just a fair warning. ^^

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