the system. (cirquels) wrote in add_me,
the system.

helloo there.

The name's Jay. I was on hiatus for a bit but am back for a good while. I am looking for some new entries to read and new friends to make. So, I guess a little bit about myself. I am a 32 gender-neutral who has three insane cats and a very hairy brother that looks like Thor. A lot of my journal revolves around my Multiplicity (which you can freely ask me about, I love when people are interested) and just regular life. I tend to think outside of the box and post a lot of existential thoughts. Surveys keep my boredom at bay, and are always behind cuts for your viewing pleasure. I really love geeky things including anime, superheros, and video games. So, if you think any of this sounds interesting, please add me or comment. Most of my entries are friends only.

See you...

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