icanhazpie01 (icanhazpie01) wrote in add_me,

herro '_'

Hello, My name is Jesszilla! Zilla,Zii! I am not new I just re-made my journal. I'm 23 years old and looking for friends in the LJ community. I generally post about my life,some socially awkward things that happen in life. I'm terrible at grammar too so in advance I'm sorry for all the errors. I write the way I talk so expect ALOT OF ERRORS. ;A; I'm looking for non-judgmental and sincere friends. Helpful advice is always appreciated! I tend to fandom over things, go on rants and all over the place with my thoughts and from time to time I doodle.

I'm working as a massage therapist so I will be recording mostly the days I work who I work with ( They will have fake names). To self reflect and such.

I binge watch a lot of shows. Big fan of Game of thrones and few old school animes, I like to read and challenge myself. I also really enjoy reading any writting people post up...uhm...

I hope I made sense '_';
So add me if you would like! ^^;

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