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Friends wanted

Hey all,

I have been on & off LJ since I was a teenager...back when this site was invite only. SO very long ago. I've decided to seriously use a journal again to have somewhere to vent & also make some new friends.

So yeah...about me. The name is Jenny. I'm a 32 year old Canadian. Currently living in Peterborough, Ontario. I'm engaged. No kids but a cat, Ozzy, who is very much like a kid to me. I love him & I adore animals in general.

There's some more info about me on my profile.

Last year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I also suffer from depression & anxiety issues. All this has significantly altered my life. I am still trying to accept things & cope. Health issues will be a frequent topic in my journal so if that's not cool...don't add me.

I am a totally random person so my journal will reflect that. I have an odd sense of humour but some find that to be a good thing. I'm open minded & I am non judgemental. I don't deal well with ignorance or hate.

I love meeting all kind of people. Even if we have very little in common on the surface, I think everyone has the ability to connect on some level. We can all learn something from each other if we give it a chance. :)

So yeah...add me if you are interested. I plan to log on to the site daily & I'll do my best to keep up with everyone's entries.

Happy Friday! :)

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