DarkGotham (xdarkgothamx) wrote in add_me,

Looking For New Faces

I would love to make some new friends, haven't done this in a while and.
My name is Kristina I am 32 (almost 33) years old.
I really love making friends here, please make sure to read and look at my interests and
profile to make sure you understand everything. This is a spiritual journal and other such
matters. Also off-line and on-line life.
I have health problems (special needs adult) but I'm much more stable now. I enjoy going out to bookstores and coffee shops. Hanging out with my off-line friends. I'm an animal person (two dogs and three cats), also betta fish in the past.
I like to do loom knittings, reading/writing, sketching/drawing/painting. I love fashion , horror movies, musicals and comic book movies. My main current fandoms are Sleepy Hallow and the Blacklist. I'm a big fandom girl but mostly in the sense of supporting through photos, videos and purchases. I mostly do this on FaceBook though.
I'm very boho/hippy and goth friendly. I love the weird, and I'm an unusual person. It's hard for me to connect with most people but I try to though. I struggle to make sense of things I don't really understand that might seem easier to most people but I always try though.

I'm in love with a man from India and I am trying to be a little more open about the relationship with on-line friends. Last year made the relationship a bit rocky with my health problems but it's better now.
I am mostly friendly and easy going, open-minded but I don't like being provoked and I really don't like it when people judge me, due to personal interests . Or how I make them "feel" when they are just getting to know me on-line. I support the G.L.B.T community and I have a lot of friends from such. I don't judge people and I'm looking for the same.


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