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Hello all!

My journal is where I write about my family, pets, and job. I keep it pretty upbeat but life isn't perfect and sometimes I'll post something reflecting this. My journal is something I use not just to remember things but to hash out my feelings, let others know what's on my mind (I'm pretty quiet in real life), and keep track of goals and plans. My journal's public too so check it out if you'd like!

When reading about other journals I like humor, life issues or events, pets, family times, and nature outings. My favorite posts are the longer ones because it lets me get to know the writer better.

Me? I'm scatterbrained but always attempting to organize, a maker of horrible meals, a frequent singer, someone who doesn't like shoes (fancy socks are good!), collector/hoarder of plush toys, lover of chickens (if you ever mention them in a post you'll see what I mean), wearer of things neon and glaring, dream adventurer, and social experimenter.

I'm looking forward to meeting you! c:

Oh, and if I seem familiar, you might have seen me here before.


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