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I noticed that my Friends feed becomes quieter with every week so I've decided to try to make some new friends.
My name is Vicky, I'm 21 year old Russian girl I was born in Moscow and has been living here by far all my life. I'm a university student, I'm studying linguistics (French and English languages) and I write a lot about my studies, my anxieties and hopes about it. As a part of my programme I'm studying Intercultural Communication which I absolutely love, so it's always a pleasure for me to read about life in other countries.
What do I like? I'm a very changeable person in this respect. However the things I'm always addicted to are: admiring nature, long walks in a forest, listening to music( My favourite genre? Folk I would say, what concerns bands, I like Blackmore's Night, Katzenjammer, Mazzy Star, Loreena McKennit). I absolutely adore animals, one of my favourite TV channels is Animal Planet. I also like to read National Geographic magazine. At times I'm being a news addict.IPhone photography is also one of my constant hobbies.
What else to say? I'm happily single, feminist, don't play any video games and don't watch TV series, mostly because I just don't have enough time for it. I enjoy Scandinavia's culture and nature, I absolutely fell for it after a short trip to this marvelous region 5 years ago. I'm a very private person and I'm not into outings and parties, I'd rether spend my time with a book. Oh, by the way, I'm a great book lover. I enjoy novels of Victor Hugo, Leo Tolstoy, Stendhal, out of contemporary authors- Francoise Sagan, Lauren Weisberger, Elizabeth Gilbert.
Usually I post 1 time a week but I'm trying to read my Friends feed as frequently as possible.
Add me if you feel like we might get along:)
P.S. Please comment here before adding me!:)


Privet Vicky :D,

You have written a nice description,

do you like to read books of Dostoevsky?

Thank you!
Well, I've read only "Crime and punishment" by him and I loved it:)
I have and I am looking forward to read crime and punishment myself :),

What countries of the Scandanvian region have you been to, by the way ?
I'm glad you enjoyed it:)
I've been to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. My trip lasted just for 11 days but it affected me a lot. I particularly liked Sweden, I don't even know why... It's magnificent:)
Do you like Scandinavia?
This sounds so exciting, you're an adventuress huh ? :D
I would like to work in Finland, once I get my degree, I am learning finish, I also have a couple of friends from Scandinavia: Sweden, Denmark, Iceland,
I learned a few greetings in Swedish and Icelandic, but they are tougher than Latin languages,

Do you speak any Scandinavian language ?

I love travelling, so yeah, I'm adventuress-:)
I'd love to do my Master's degree abroad and Finland is one of the variants because education is not so expensive over there and live expenses are not so high as in Sweden or Norway. Now it's just a dream but I hope I'll be able at least to try to apply for a Master's programme in Finland.
I've learned some basic phrases in Swedish and the conjugation of the verb to be but that's not enough. I wish I could study this language properly one day.

As long as you work on that goal, I am sure you will achieve it in time :),
I like also their music, you know they have their own kind of music, which is very nice and very original.
As-tu déjà été en France ?

je parles un pou francais :)

Thanks, I hope my dream about a Master's degree abroad will come true -:)
Oh really? I don't know anything about Swedish original music. I should check it out.
Non, je n'ai jamais été en France . Je sais que la langue roumaine ressemble à français, par exemple thank you  est merci en français et en roumain aussi.

Ah moi non plus, exactement :),
I learned an introductory course about Latin last summer so I see a lot of similarities between the languages of today,

Do you live in an apartment or a house ?

I used to live in a house myself that had a garden and a dog once and a bird another time, now I moved.

I also studied Latin for 3 semesters and I also see a lot of similarities in contemporary languages. But you're going to be a doctor so you're supposed to  know the names of all the muscles and organs in Latin, aren't you?
I live in the apartment. Do you have a dog and a  bird? I used to have a dog but it passed away 3 years ago .

Ita vero, Latinum matrem linguae est :)
muscli visceraeque nominae scio, It's was pretty difficult learning it the first time, but with practice nothing is impossible :D,

We also Use greek nomenclature in medical school, and sometimes it's a mix of both but you get used to it even if you don't speak either language,

I used to live in a house we a garden shared by the neighbours I used to play with their dog when I was a child, and I had a bird that I let go free.

I am sorry about your dog Vicky, what was it's name ? how did it pass away ?
I'm also interested in different cultures and would love to know more about Russia. Let me know if you want to add.

Hi! Great! -:) Sure, I'm adding you-)

I'm adding you. A fellow nature lover.

Great! Adding you back-:)

I saw the word anxieties. I think we have something in common, at least! Add?

Hahaha anxiety is a great interest to share!  Adding you back-:)

Hey, I'm also interested in linguistics (I'm an English as a foreign language teacher) and feminism! I'm 27 and living in Korea. Friends?

Hi! I'm also giving private English lessons on the side so it's great to have a friend who's also a teacher! Adding you-:)

I like your taste in music. Mind if I add you?

Hi! I've just seen your entry in Add me and wanted to comment but then saw your comment on here. I'm also a nerdy introvert, dog lover and a bit abstract thinker. Adding you.

Awesome! Glad our interest in each other is mutual :)
Hi! I'm adding you if that's OK. J'ai habité en france il ya 5 ans, donc je parle un peu francais. But I'm SO out of practice! It's been so long since I talked properly in French. I like linguistics and am half-heartedly self-studying Russian online (if I was on my phone right now I could have typed "hi" because I have a Russian keyboard installed on my phone!). I only know a few words in Russian and am learning about adjective endings now - Russian's tough! I love books too.

Hi! Oh, that's amazing that you speak  a bit of French and a bit of Russian. If Russian wasn't my native tongue I would never learn it  because it's soo difficult. Bravo to you, you're a very courageous person. Adding you! :)

It really IS difficult! I think I wanted to challenge myself, which is why I chose Russian, but WOW. And Russian handwriting - that's just mad. I finally thought I understood Cyrillic letters when I had to relearn all the letters all over again for handwritten versions!

The same was with me when I studied Old Greek at university (thankfully just for 2 months). It took much time and efforts to learn the letters. I can't imagine how people study Chinese or Japanese...


Definitely friends! :)

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