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hello again pals

so uh, while i was gone doing tons of fun things with cool people on cool drugs, apparently there was some huge big ass dramatic fight and even though i wasn't even here i still managed to get dragged into it.

does anyone wanna be friends who isn't a drama mongering weirdo? someone who won't send me 4 paranoid messages when i haven't even replied to the first or posted in weeks? lol. my journal for the time being is just some gay smut story that's meant to mock 50 shades. it's about two obviously gay metalheads who persue a very uh..girlfap relationship. although i'm not sure how many girls get off to pet play and torture and things of the sort but eh, worth a try. whenever that's done i'll be starting to add chapters of a much more tame story about a girl and a boy who seek to start their very own zombie apocalypse. they encounter the issues of keeping the corpses alive due to various environmental factors even after learning every art of reanimation. should be nice to work on and show to you folks. who knows what will be on my journal after that..

thank ya much!

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