Kimi Hiddleston (tomruinedmylife) wrote in add_me,
Kimi Hiddleston

New account, new start

I used to be sweetoxic, but I decided I need a new start. So, with a new account... I also need new or more friends. :3 I'll try to be as descriptive as possible here. ^^

So, my name is Kimi. I was born October 3rd 1988, and I also have mild to moderate autism as well as ADHD, severe anxiety and all sorts of other stuff. I am actually a very strong, upbeat person though. I love to be loud, and I do tend to swear a lot when I'm excited, fangirling, or angry. I am a huge child at heart, and I enjoy being a kid far more than I do with being an adult. I am a coke (soda) lover too, and I refuse to drink anything from pepsi. I love cats more than any other animal in the world.

My passion is visual kei. I live for visual kei. I BREATHE visual kei. It keeps me calm and helps my anxiety. It is my biggest obsession. I talk about it nearly all of the damn time. My hero is also Takeru from SuG for a variety of reasons as well. I also love visual kei vocalists as well. I could seriously go on forever about visual kei.

I also love Disney Junior. My favorite show is Sofia the First. I love this show so much because it's cute. lol don't judge me though. Oh, I am also pro-vaccine, pro-disability rights and anti-cure. I am not religous since I don't really have a religion or anything either. I just believe in god the way I want to believe in him to be honest. I am also very passionate about people with disabilities and mental health issues. I consider myself somewhat of a self-advocate as well.

Another thing is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing pokemon. I play it almost 24/7 if I could. I don't care much for the anime though. Oh, and I love Tom Hiddleston. I am a huge Loki fangirl too. He's the only non-Japanese person I have a huge crush on as well. I just adore him because he's simply gorgeous.

Hm. Um... what else? Well, my LJ is friends only, but I'll add anyone though. Just remember that as I said above, I like to do a lot of cursing at times. I will add anyone regardless of age, gender, sexuality, disability... whatever. It doesn't really matter to me at all. The only thing I ask is that you understand that I'm more more of a writer though, not a reader. I can't respond to everyone's LJs because it's very hard for me.

If you want to know more, don't be afraid to ask me. ^______^

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