Liz (je_menfous) wrote in add_me,

Hi again :3 I've posted before but i thought it was time to post again.

i'm liz im 26, and ive been on livejournal since 2003 or something like that, but i've had a bunch of different names.
i'm relatively active now, sometimes ill go a day or two without posting, but i post large photo posts every other day, sometimes every day...sometimes a few times a day. sometimes ill do sort of like 'a day in my life' type photo posts..either way i hope you all have good internet XD

let's see what else...
i live with my boyfriend and our two cats in the mountains and i work at a camp ground during the summers. i love to journal and paint and write...any thing crafty :) I share some of that now and then here, as well as on youtube and my tumblr here and here. my tumblr can give you a good idea of whats inside my head i guess. i am re-learning how to be free, myself, and creative again. after years of abuse, its taken me another almost 5 years to rebuild my selfesteem. i take a lot of photos for this reason as well :)
my livejournal is my personal space, so expect a lot of spelling errors, extremely personal posts, and occassional bitching. ive been known to write about sex, drugs, and my mental illnesses. if any of those things bother you, we definately wont get along. On that note i'll expand a bit more... I'm pansexual, and i'm experimenting with the lable of 'demi girl' though im not sure im totally comfortable yet, and as i've stated before, i'm with my boyfriend of almost 5 years. i smoke pot 24-7 for medical and recreational, lbr, and i have had an eating disorder since i was 8 years old. currently i'm in recovery, but i relapse a lot. i also have bad anxiety issues with my GAD and social anxiety, and literally have no friends outside of my boyfriend and mom because of this. so also be aware that i probably wont comment a whole ton until i get used to you, and i sure as heck dont expect comments haha. I'm just looking for more like minded people that are active on LJ, and if we become friends then that is even super cooler.

i do prefer if those adding me have older accounts as i do have people that are looking to be malicious towards me, but if i know you're adding me from here then we're cool B)

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