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I go by Ruby here, and have been here on LJ for five years. It's a very important place for me, and some of my dearest friends in the world are here, but it seems most of my list consists of people who come around once every month or two, post about all the stuff they've been doing with people none of us know anything about, and then disappearing again, which is not the kind of friend I'm looking for.

Below is proof that I actually know how to do an LJ cut and use them for the consideration of others.

I have been known to have trouble keeping my mouth shut. I will talk to almost anyone, including random people in grocery stores. I love to read, especially science / nonfiction / natural history. I have a strange fascination with bizarre medical information. I am a wealth of useless information. I love to watch mixed martial arts, but none of my friends do. I spend a lot of time out in the woods taking pictures of mushrooms and leaves and dirt, and then I make long, rambling posts about them. My journal used to be rather fandom-focused but that has almost disappeared and most of my friends now are not interested in such things, and new friends are more than welcome to ignore them. I am working on a Master's degree in Public Health, a part-time job as a cashier, and I am happily and non-dramatically married with an obnoxious teenage daughter. I am 37, if you care. I like coloring books and I like Sims 4 (and all the Sims before it). I occasionally post a bunch of pictures of attractive men, just because. They are usually fully clothed but that's because I don't have any pictures of them naked. I do yoga and I walk and/or jog but I am far from being a health nut and after I do yoga I sit at my computer and eat peanut butter M&M's, so you won't get any lectures from me about your eating or exercise habits. LJ is where most of my best friends are, where I tell people everything, and where I come when I want to talk.

I would like some friends my own age or older (I am aware that there is a community for this but it's even less productive than this one). Not that I have a problem with younger friends, but I do get a bit tired of endless tales of "so Joe and I went here, and then Sally and I did this, and then we all met up and went to This Place, and then Sally said this and Joe said that..." or such. I have a husband and a kid and a job and I'm a long way past the point where my life consists of who I hang out with and what we do when we're hanging out.

I would appreciate some fellow science/nature people, but that isn't necessary. I use bad words a lot. I post questionable things.

I like logic. I like science. I do not like woo, psuedoscience, anti-vaccine idiots, Crossfit cult members, and so on. If you identify yourself anywhere on your journal by your astrology sign or your Myers-Briggs Personality test results (i.e. INFJ) I probably will laugh at you and then you won't like me. I'll admit at one point I was gullible enough to buy the personality test stuff but I was never dumb enough to go for astrology.

If you do not know the difference between "you're" and "your" or do things like type "I'm" as "im", or do not use punctuation, we probably won't get along because reading your posts will make my brain hurt.

You get the idea.


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