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I really hate doing these. The last thing I want to do is sell myself. coming back to a dead journal though, so I guess there isn't a lot of choice there.

I'm 30, a cook, and my life is.. complicated. It's been a few years since I've done any real journal things, but I've been on LJ for 13ish? years I think. Most of my entries will most likely be public, and cover mundane things. The day to day. I'll most likely do entries under a cut for a lot of the unhappier things. Being honest, there is a lot of that right now. My wife and I just called things off, but we're blindingly poor so we are still sharing a house. I loathe my job, It's shit pay while still keeping me busy enough that I rarely have the time to see friends or family. So, if you're expecting sunshine and rainbows, this isn't the journal for you.

I don't have a real T.V. , so if ranting about shows is your thing, I sadly can't play along there. Sorry =+(. I do have a decent book collection going, and adoring reading, so if that's more your game, I should be able to keep up. for the past few years it's been Sci-fi and fantasy. Just recently finished the Wheel of Time set. A++.

Other things? Hmm.. I don't have a filter, so if you say something blindingly stupid, I'll most likely let you know, and I expect the same. I love nature-y things. Currently have 11 rats and a large rabbit. I'm an MRA, which I know some people have an issue with. Not sorry. I don't post anything related in my journal though. Coffee fiend. Spend a decent bit of my late nights on Terraria.

Also, I've had an obsession with ASW for years now. I tend to finish every entry with one.

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