Lindsey (lmaharj8) wrote in add_me,

5 days in and getting bored

I'm Lindsey. Been here 28 years and have two kids. One who is 7 from a previous marriage and one who will be a year next month with my significant other. I would say boyfriend but he's not a boy and man-friend sounds stupid. Eh...

My life is simple. I wake up at 6 every morning and do an hour of high intensity cardio. Right now I'm on an insanity kick but I normally I run. A rollerblading accident prevented me from continuing that for the time being. Gotta get back into shape somehow. After I do said cardio, i clean before I go to work. I manage a supplement shop and I work overnights doing stock at another retail outlet. Real simple work while I pursue my accounting degree.

That's pretty much it. I talk about whatever comes to mind that I find interesting, my workout regimen, sometimes the people I cross paths with... Pretty simple.

My interests don't really apply to much for this journal but if it makes me seem more interesting: I'm a writer. I come from a family of writers and am in the process of writing a historical fiction. I will never post anything from it though. Maybe a short story or two when the inspiration strikes. I can play the saxophone and guitar poorly. I watch Bones and read murder mystery novels.

In all honesty I have a friend on here, maybe two, and would love to read some interesting stuff. My posts are public, besides the ones that are not. The ones that aren't are completely private though so no worries. I don't care which strangers read my stuff.

Add me if you choose to.

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