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Hello all. I suddenly felt like expanding my friends list to have a more diverse read.

I'm happy with my current LJ friends, though recently I have a sudden feeling of... I want to get to know more people... so...

about me:

- kat
- aged 3x, feel like 2x, bones say 6x
- foreigner-looking person living in Asia
- trilingual (trying to up that)
- your average paper-pusher to some difficult boss
- has 4 dogs. see one of them playing peekaboo
- currently running through a Criminal Minds marathon (but it's starting to get boring in season 7)
- used to be a manga/anime fangirl. now just an average "watch it when she can" citizen
- Jpop lover; recently turning to classical and ambience
- reads books
- video games addict; only when have time
- wannabe photographer (or, just simply tries to take better artsy photos)
- loves traveling
- or get to know more through the bio

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