thatdudeinblack (thatdudeinblack) wrote in add_me,

Hello, everyone.

I'm very new to LiveJournal, guess I needed an outlet for all my writing needs and whatnot. I'll try to post as frequently as possible, with content ranging from personal thoughts to stories of mine. I hope whoever reads my journal in the future enjoys doing so, and I hope to enjoy reading other people's stuff as well.

Anyway, my name's Nick, I'm 18 years-old, and I live in Northern Virginia.

Likes: writing (no surprise there), reading, music (punk/metal/alt/etc.), gaming (I currently play old games on PC and some stuff on my PS2...guess I keep it around for nostalgia purposes. I only play old PC games since the PC I have now kind of sucks.), talking to people (so long as the conversation doesn't result in me or the other person getting pissed off).

Dislikes: rude people (who doesn't?), judgmental people, people who manipulate others for their own benefit, racists, sexists, depression, anxiety.

So...yeah. I tend to think of myself as a typical, chill person who likes certain stuff and dislikes things that other people dislike. I have had bad dealings with depression/anxiety since the age of 12, though, so I guess some periods of life aren't exactly "typical" but I survive. I've been having bad anxiety in the past week, however, and I guess making an LJ account was another way to help gradually take my mind off of it.

Do with all that information as you wish. Just felt I'd post some details and hopefully garner a few friends on here. Thanks, all.

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