Andrew Auernheimer (weev) wrote in add_me,
Andrew Auernheimer

Former political prisoner seeks new blogging friends

I've been on LJ for over twelve years now. I'm sort of invested here and don't like the piss-poor commenting systems of other blogging services. I won't ever leave. A lot of the journals I followed are not maintained. I need more LJ friends to read.

Wikipedia has a list of notable LiveJournal users that I'm on. I post original content here, frequently essays about issues of human rights in relation to federal prisoners (as I was personally placed in solitary confinement and went on a hunger strike during my imprisonment), issues related to the web technology industry, and Western culture.

I'll be 30 in a month. It's been a long road. I live everywhere and nowhere. I left the United States after winning a federal criminal appeal and being released early from false imprisonment. After my home was bulldozed and they stole 3 years of my life I am not too happy with my government and don't wish to live under it any longer. I want to see it reduced to ash and think Timothy McVeigh was a hero and a martyr, really. Since leaving the USA I've tried Lebanon, Kuwait, Morocco, and Serbia. I'm moving to a new country within 8 days because I couldn't get a visa here in Belgrade. It is heartbreaking, I love this city with all my heart. It's the first place I've felt at home in forever, but I'm sure some other part of the Balkans will be culturally compatible as well. I'll probably be in Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, or Montenegro next. I probably won't decide until I actually get to the bus station.

My favorite operas are Purcell's Dido and Aeneas and Handel's Rodelinda. My favorite poets are Lord Byron and John Keats. My favorite architect is Gaudi. I'm a practitioner of Asatru, the pre-Christian pagan religion of Northern and Western Europe. I wear a Mjölnir pendant around my neck that I smelted in federal prison. I learned many lessons from the Eddas there, but my favorite one is the Völundarkviða.

A couple good TV segments featuring me:

And there's also a documentary that I'm pretty much the star of called The Hacker Wars. Here's a YouTube link, but it's also available on iTunes if you object to piracy (I don't, please pirate my movie):

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