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Oh hello!

Hi LJ!

This is a brand new journal, but I'm a long-time LJ veteran. I feel like I really need this place again to vent and connect with other people again at this point in my life and I would so love to meet new friends.

A little about me... I'm 28 with a birthday next month. I have a son who just started the first grade. I've traveled and lived all over, including Japan, China, Mexico, and all over the U.S. I'm a Navy veteran and used to forecast weather for military pilots. Now I work in banking to support my family, but my dream lies in becoming an artist or a writer.

Some bullet point facts:

+ I have two Harry Potter related tattoos (and a few others) and I've been a massive fan since 1999.
+ Cooking is a huge hobby and I will be that person posting pictures of food I make sometimes.
+ Music and concerts are special to me. So far this summer I've seen over 20 bands. My music tastes are fairly
eclectic and I'd love to trade Spotify playlists with open-minded music lovers.
+ Favorite movies/TV: Gladiator, Rain (an indie movie from New Zealand - if you know it, you're an instant contender for new best friend status), all things Disney, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, Star Trek, and Netflix-scrolling just to name a few.
+ I live in Colorado and love the outdoors. You'll see pictures of bears, deer, foxes, and other animals that stroll into my yard.
+ I have several pets; 2 dogs (a shepherd mix and a chihuahua), 1 cat (a Turkish van), a rat named Petey, a fish, and a leopard gecko named Cupcake.
+ Comic book art is amazing to me. If you draw at all, please add me! I'd love to make new artsy friends.

Bottom line, I'd love to meet new friends that have similar interests. Please send me a PM or make a comment here and lets do this!


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