varjakbaby (varjakbaby) wrote in add_me,

Hi everyone. Not sure how to go about this... I guess I like to think of myself as an interesting person? I know that sounds haughty, and I regret being like that, but I guess it's just a start :). And evidence would likely point to the contrary. Re. interesting. I don't really do anything.

What to say... I played tennis when I was younger. My dad pushed me really hard and so now here I am--ditching the sport for the third month or so now. It doesn't even seem like a part of my life anymore.

Fiery thoughts. Languid thoughts. My lj is under a pseudonym to provide for a little freedom without privacy concerns, so feel free to whatever.

I'm not sure what my hobbies are. Do I have any? I like getting stoned from time to time. I don't really have any good friends these days, so I was hoping to meet more new people.

All I do on here is whine mostly. So if you're into listening to people whine you should add me. Some NSFW writing.

Feel free to check out my lj for more FASCINATING DETAILS. Hoping to put some more positive stuff up on here.

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