Jean (atmilliways) wrote in add_me,

I keep neglecting this journal, so I’m looking for more friends to keep me motivated to actually write entries. It’s a good outlet that I ought to make more time for.

So hello. I’m 27 and living in California with my girlfriend of almost 3 years. We have a 5 year old chocolate lab and a 4 month old calico kitten, and I’m currently working part-time from home but soon to be unemployed. Most of my posts right now are about struggling with my anxiety, but I try to have positive notes and post cute pet photos as well. Usually these are friends-only, largely because there are negative things associated with my anxiety that I don’t want potential employers to somehow find and decide haha, no.

My favorite author is Terry Pratchett. I started with Monstrous Regiment and have been reading or listening to via audiobook every Discworld novel I can get my hands on. My favorite tv show is currently American Horror Story, but that’s because it’s my most recent find — this varies a lot. My concentration in college was creative writing, which I have sadly not done a lot of in recent years besides idle RPing of original characters on tumblr. I've been doing marketing and social media marketing for a bread company for the past three years.

I’m not sure what else to put? Please comment and/or add me if you think we’d be able to comment on each others’ posts and at least know each other on a “I recognize your user icon” basis.

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