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Looking for new friends

Name: Kate
Screen name: means "cat lady" (in German)
Age: 34
Location: Philly, PA, USA
Occupation: Cognitive Rehab Therapist with adults who have brain injuries or who are on the autism spectrum.
Personal Life: I live with my boyfriend of two years, and unfortunately also his younger brother is along for the ride. Boyfriend and I are paying off all our debt and saving up for a house... hopefully will be making that happen within next couple years.
Kids: We're childfree (I am fixed), and happy about that.
Pets: I have two cats named after Indian foods.
Life Ambition: I want to be a 1950s housewife when I grow up.

A Few Favorites
Favorite Movies: Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, American Beauty, Donnie Darko, Fried Green Tomatoes, Hitchcock movies.
Favorite Hobbies: thrift shopping, camping, traveling, collecting vintage Pyrex and decor
Favorite TV Shows: Six Feet Under, Big Love, Breaking Bad, Twin Peaks, Golden Girls, Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, Northern Exposure.
Favorite Foods: eggs, bacon, butter, chocolate, ice cream, coffee, wine.

LJ Life
What do you usually write about?: My day-to-day life, and occasionally something I see in the news that interests me and I want to comment on.
How often do you update?: I recently came back to LJ after taking a 6-month hiatus (I wrote for many years previous), and I've been writing every couple days.
What do you look for in an LJ friend?: Probably someone close to my age, or at least in a similar place in life. Someone who writes regularly, who reads when I write and comments pretty regularly. I look for interaction. I don't look for new friends because I want comments, I look to make a connection and actually get to know people.
How often do you comment? Or expect comments?: I comment on about half the entries I see, or more. I'd expect the same of others. I feel like if people want to get to know me and care about what I am talking about, they'll have something to say.
Turns offs/Deal-Breakers for an LJ friend: people who connect their twitter to their LJ, people who don't interact with me, people who don't talk about personal stuff (journals mainly devoted to fandoms, poetry, short stories, music), people who only write depressing diatribes.

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