Belenen (belenen) wrote in add_me,

I want more friends who write about stuff like:
  • their daily life and how they learn from it (not interested in a recap without the thoughts and feelings that went with it)
  • an interaction they had with someone that made them realize something new or change their mind on something
  • their introspective, thorough, and specific take on concepts that are often assumed to be the same for everyone: friendship, romance, sex, gender, relationships, parenting, etc
  • their core values and how they live them
  • previous and current formative relationships (friends, family, lovers)
  • their spirituality and how they invest in it (ritual, meditation, prayer, self-education, etc)

If any of this is stuff you write about regularly, add me please! (and let me know because LJ doesn't notify me half the time) and I'll add you back.

I write about: gender, polyamory, intimacy, sexuality, honesty and openness, feminism and social justice, nature, spirituality, art, dreams, relationships, and my experiences. I'd love to be more connected with people who write reflectively because it helps inspire me to write also. Let's be friends! (p.s. I'm 32)

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