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Hello guys, my name is Amani. I am a 15 year old girl from England and I'm looking for more LJ friends to talk and discuss things with. You guys can find all the info you'd probably need from my journal, all of my posts are friend locked expect one.

Just to clarify, I shall mention what kind of people I want and don't want on my friends feed.

WANT: Open-minded, preferably a feminist but it's not compulsory just so as to avoid any conflicts. Within the age range of 15-28, I don't mind having older individuals add me but it would probably be very awkward unless we happen to get along. Someone with similar interests (not just fandoms), a person who is quite active on LJ as well (like couple times a month sort of thing). I'd like to have someone who would actually not mind random messages in their inbox about a topic of choice and hopefully someone who is able to put up with my inane drabbles about life in general.

DO NOT WANT: A dickhead (someone who's going to go out of their way to offend/insult/annoy the fuck out of people), a zionist as we're probably going to go through disagreements if you do happen to be one and add me. Someone who's going to shove their beliefs down my throat (I don't mind if you adhere to a particular philosophy or religion but DO NOT try to "convert" me), someone who isn't going to take me seriously due to my age as I have enough of that. I don't mind jokes/banter surrounding it but an excess of it is annoying and a patronising attitude to millenials (aka me) is a surefire way of getting disliked real quick.

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