The Wonderful and Frightening World of Rubin23 (rubin23) wrote in add_me,
The Wonderful and Frightening World of Rubin23

a temporary stop-gap measure to appease the constabulatory

Hello all!

My friends list (with a few notable exceptions) has gone quiet and comment-less. I'd like to make new friends, see different perspectives, shake my head at your bad decisions, find out what you're watching, all that stuff.

I like comments; to be honest I receive more than I give, but if you meet me halfway I promise to make the effort. My LJ can get (in my opinion) pretty juicy at times, so all that stuff is friends-only. So get in on the ground floor of an amazing opportunity for fun, excitement and discovery.

I usually post in spurts; I'll go for two weeks posting every day, then a few weeks off with nothing; it depends on what's going on in life and if the LJ mobile app is behaving or not. I generally tend to use non-sequiturs in my subject line. Subject matter: Love, Music, my Netflix queue, poetry, literary appreciation, concerts and the very rare occasion when I get to go out for fun.

That's about it; I hope you get on board. There's 10 years of stuff in here. There's got to be SOMETHING in there you like.


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