finger deep within the b o r d e r l i n e (schiism) wrote in add_me,
finger deep within the b o r d e r l i n e

My name is Cailin and I am eighteen and from Australia.

For the next week and a half I have ample spare time until school restarts. I'm looking for friends on here because I am really uninterested in going outside and meeting people physically.

I like interacting with people without having to see them.

I like a lot of things:

History, Theology, Norse mythology, Supernatural - Not just the show - I like learning about and reading about supernatural happenings. I like interior decorating, Grinspoon, Nine Inch Nails.

I love sitting on Youtube for hours clicking on random suggestions and finding rare gems that you'd never think you would find. I have found some of my favourites that way.

I love colouring in.

I finish high school this year and I have NO idea what I want to do or where I'm headed.

Let's talk?

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