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Hello, It's Me

(I feel like that's been overused, but, whatever)

Hey guys, I'm Callan, or Cal for short. I've been on LJ for over a year, but I haven't been very active as of late due to school and work and familial obligations.
Right now, my LJ is littered with tweets that I've posted, which is something I that I forgot about, so it's just a lot of cynical rambling, if you're fine with that.

Well, about me. I'm a first year uni student, studying Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Philosophy and Languages, which is fun, and I hope that I will be able to continue my future studies along the way, probably adding Law in there after a few years.

Okay, interests. I like a lot of things, which are listed in my profile, but basically, I'm a huge nerd who binge watches TV shows and movies and anime. I love music, and will listen to any genre apart from country (my dislike for that genre exceeds innumerable boundaries).

I'll post a lot of ramblings I suppose, as well as original writing (hopefully) so you can look forward to that. I will also do posts on issues that interest/affect me (LGBTQ+, religion, school, etc.) and do reviews on books and movies and albums that I like/am obsessed about, because everyone needs good recommendations.

Well other than that, it's nice to meet all of you guys.


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