brutal, honest, and afraid of you. (heatherrawrs) wrote in add_me,
brutal, honest, and afraid of you.

Hello! I will keep this short and sweet!

I'm Heather. 36, happily married, mom to a sweet 3 year old little boy and pet owner (a fish, 3 small old grumpy dogs, a few roosters and some hens!)

I have been really active on my LJ lately and usually break my posts down by what I'm writing about so I don't make massive long posts, I find those annoying myself lol.

I would love to connect to others moms as I write about my son and our day to day life a lot and I worry my current friends don't have much to say on that subject as they have not been commenting much, but it's not a must.

I do not want to add anyone that writes a lot about politics or fan fiction, no offense.

I do have mental illness: depression, anxiety, and OCD so if you have any of those we would defiantly get along! It's nothing something I obsess about tho (haha).

I adore reading, animals, and music. I'm kinda into nature right now. Life is pretty good so my posts are pretty upbeat.

I have a rule that if we don't mesh - no hard feelings. I do keep my list low because I want to get to know my friends and be able to comment / get comments.

So if you thing we'd get along, lets give it a try! <3

Please comment here if you add me, sometimes things get lots in my email!

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