animeaddict96 (animeaddict96) wrote in add_me,

hey there :)

Hello, there. I just logged in to my LJ after 2 years of inactivity...I was a fanfic writer for around 3 years I think before I stopped. So as I said I just logged back in and I really missed expressing myself, and wanted to come back.  Now I'm trying to make my LJ not only a place for my fics, but for creative writing as well just to express myself...and I want to make it more personal too, you know, sharing things and experiences to people as a form to connect with others.

After 2 years I came back to LJ so I hope there are people out there who are still interested in making friends, conversing and whatnot. If you're game on that, feel free to add me :) and comment so that i can add you back if you want.

I'm female, 20. I am a dancer and I've performed and competed in many places. I'm a film student, and I've participated in many film shoots, I also write scripts. I love music and I love movies, tv series, and books too. I also love animals.

My posts will probably be about reviews of films, make up products maybe, fanfics, stories, poems, and relaying my experiences and travels around the world.

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