bossshylee (bossshylee) wrote in add_me,

Feel like I'm in high school again


           Do you remember how nerve-racking the first day of school was? Maybe it was like that for me because I'm a loner, lol bad example. Idk what the hell I'm doing, but I guess I'll never figure it out if I don't try. I'm Shylah but you can call me Shy. I'm 21 years old originally from California but I now reside on the East Coast. I'm not your average 21-year-old, I'm really 41, I'm very mature for my age and intellectually I'm up there. I've been on my own since 15, not by choice, and I wish I could go back and be a kid again. My 7th-grade socials study teacher used to say, "LIFES A BITCH AND THEN YOU DIE" and I'm beginning to think she was right.  I'm trying to get divorced after years of dealing w/ domestic violence and my husband having a baby, not w/ me. My line of work is very interesting, being that I'm in the entertainment/adult industry so to say. I'm a homebody and don't really care too much for going out, I got that out of my system YEARS ago. I discovered blogging recently and I love it! Idk where the hell I've been all these years, lol. I started a small blog on my work website, a way for clients to confirm that I'm real, and they LOVE it. Out of the thousands of people reading my blogs, my abusive ex-boyfriend, not my husband, w/ a habit is the only one who seems to dislike it. Although even he can't deny that I'm truly talented honey! Yea husband, boyfriend, my life is a mess, but who's isn't? I'm just trying to play the cards I've been dealt the best I can.
I need friends, to leave men alone & stop blowing money on purses and heels, but we'll get to that later. Actually, I need to figure out how to use this damn site! lmao help a sister out, please.

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