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Myself - 2016

mycat8mybrains in add_me

I have come back after 2 years and I want YOU! ... to be my friend :)

After a two year hiatus I have come crawling back to Livejournal hehe.
Looking to make some friends!

I'll probably write mostly about my rather mundane life, but I'm cool - I swear!

  • Crystal - 28 - Michigan, USA

  • I really love cats. I have four of them :s

  • I guess recently married? 2 1/2 years now

  • I am basically an agoraphobe. I don't leave my house often, especially if it involves interacting with people.

  • Surprisingly I'm also a misanthrope - but here I am looking for friends..

  • I like a lot of "geeky" things: Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Reading, Board games, Video Games, Anime, Spongebob, and more I can't pinpoint

  • Also, really enjoy photography, learning, makeup, cooking (not that great at it though), animals, music.

  • musical tastes have a very wide range from classical to jazz, Blues to death metal, synth pop. You name it I'll give it a listen if I haven't already. Lately it has been a lot of M83, MF Doom and Birdy.

Hmm.. I guess if you have any questions you can totally ask. If I sound interesting we should be friends! I post a lot of pictures and I'm a great listener if you ever need one. mycat8mybrains


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Sure. Michigan is beautiful
Indeed :)

Omg! Im an introvert..i love! Love! Anime..board games and video games..magic the gathering..i love reading and writing..totally adding you!
Lets be friends!

Added :)
Agoraphobe here too :) We have lots in common- plus MF Doom is dope. Adding you now!


Hmm.. I guess if you have any questions you can totally ask. If I sound interesting we should be friends! I post a lot of pictures and I'm a great listener if you ever need one.

Crawling, huh. That by itself intrigues me greatly.

ok, ok. I believe you. I'm cool too ;-)

Any friend of a cat is a friend of mine

My last name is Aguirre and I've only recently became aware at how similar the pronounciation of my surname is to 'agora'

Hmm, I've learned a new word today. Hate is all you need/Hate is all around/…

I know magic. I wish somebody could show me how to play D&D. I work in a library, so reading…

I've been playing around with lomography style cameras. I just recently invested in a new instant camera that I plan to play around with in my blog updates. Also, I have one of those Polaroid Zips and I've upgraded my phone to the new double lensed iPhone 7plus. So, let's be friends. Here's my question: do you vlog?

I have thought about vlogging but I have not done any vlogging yet.
but yes, lets be friends :)
You seem cool! You had me at cats, I recently adopted my second, so far she's evil. I also have two dogs, love reading, music, make up and yeah, friends?
Haha yeah introducing a new cat is never easy. Right now my Ragdoll is throwing the biggest bitch fit over the kitten. And when we first got our calico I was certain she came from the bowels of Hell. She would follow me around the house and hiss and attack my legs. Now she is the sweetest thing :p
Feel free to add!
Added :)
I'm back from a three year hiatus! I'm 30 from Scotland, married and I have a wee girl, and a cat who I love very much. Can I add you as a fellow cat person? :)
Absolutely :) Added back

You sound fun! I'm 26 from Uk - Yorkshire. Married, have a 4 year old boy. I don't have cats anymore but I have a new baby duckling atm who has a hurt foot and wing so it's cuddle and plenty of tlc ^_^

I'm add you xx

Your username is awesome, and you're way too cute. But the thing that really made me want to add you was that I also, if given the chance, would probably never leave my house and can be rather misanthropic. I have one kitty and am very pro cat ;) My time on here can be sporadic, but I try to be a decent LJ friend. Want to add me and try it out? If you want to drop me at any time feel free, no questions asked. I'm very no drama!
Definitely want to add you... Added :)
lets be friends!
Yes, lets!
Add me if you would like!
Added :)
I've been married 3 years as of today. Not sure if that's still considered new or not? Lol
Cool, adding you, lots of music in common:)
Yay! Added :)
i'd like to add you. :D
Added :)
Hello! I've added you, I think we have a lot in common :) I love cats, D&D and video games!
Triple nice! Added you :)
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