Liz (quiet_delusions) wrote in add_me,

Long and Particular Intro

Hey, I'm Liz.

A bit about me:

  • I am 33ish, female, short, fat, and happy.

  • I am from north MN. currently living in Minneapolis.

  • I am single with no kids, one cat, and some fish.

  • I own a small business, making niche leather goods.

  • I'm introspective and mellow - it takes a lot to bother me.

  • I do, however, have very selective empathy, and reserve the right to be cynical, judgmental, or sardonic. This is called being human. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who say they do not like judgmental people.

  • I use more parenthesis than Stephen King.

What I like (in journals):

  • Reading about other people's interesting lives and problems. (Even if you don't find yourself interesting, I may).

  • Artists - if you post original artwork (as long as it's not spammy) it makes me happy.

  • Literacy - too much leetspeak, netspeak, spelling/grammar errors, etc. makes me grumpy.

What I dislike (in journals):

  • Kids. Sorry, but I'm kid-free by choice and I don't much like reading about other peoples' kids.

  • Fanfic. It's one thing if you write/enjoy it and post it somewhere else. But I don't really like it and don't want to see it on my friends list.

  • Fangirling/fanboying (is there a non-gender-specific word for being a rabid fan?) over certain people, movies, actors, or whatever, if it takes up more than 50% of your journal posts.

  • Too much angst and drama-making. Having drama in your life is one thing but making it is another.

  • Posting huge photos/pictures, especially when they're not cut.

  • Immaturity - I know it's relative, but what can I say? I expect a certain amount of non-idiocy.

  • I'm not that picky, but I like people that have a bit in common with me. That usually translates into "have lived at least a quarter-century and appreciate geeky pastimes".

What you'll find in my journal:

  • Short narrative posts, like "this is what I did today, this is what's on my mind". These probably make up 90% of my posts, and I do NOT promise my life is entertaining.

  • Musings on the ethics of situations.

  • Occasionally turning into a high school girl when talking about a guy. (I'm sorry, I promise.)

  • Talking about the success or failure of my business, and what awesome thing I've made recently.

  • Thoughts on kink and what I've done and learned and experienced. (Trust me, it's not as titillating as it sounds.)

  • Occasional photos (I've taken) that I want to share.

  • Memes, only if someone on my friendslist posts one AND I find it interesting.

As a disclaimer, I'm coming back after a long hiatus, and I'm still not posting much. My journal isn't all that interesting - I'm not looking for people who want to comment on every entry or anything (though I admit I really love when people comment on what I write!) I'm more looking for people who have interesting journals that can be my window into someone else's life. I HAVE made my recent "I'm back" post public, so you can see more about me and how I write. So...leave me a comment here, or a comment on my first journal post (most of my journal is friends-only.) I'm waiting to hear from you!

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