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Looking for a native English speaker

Hello, there!
How are you in your part of the world? I hope you are doing great.
Now, let us cut to the chase. Shall we? I am looking for a native English speaker on LJ. As I want to practice and improve my listening skills and pronunciation. You will probably ask: Why don't you do a language exchange? There are lots of free websites to do so. Well, good question and I have a good answer for that. Unfortunately, I am a terrible teacher. I tried to teach my own native language which is Arabic to non-native speakers and I failed. So, I thought why I don't try to find a native English speaker here. And here I am. Besides, the people here are amazing. And what I am looking for is a friend, not a teacher. As I want to get to know you as a person. I also want to have fun conversations together.
Here's a little about myself. Of course, you can check my profile. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. BUT, no personal questions, please. What I mean is leave me the choice to answer it or not.
You can call me Lara or Sara. I live in Egypt and I am a Muslim. I love watching animation both in English and Japanese and English PG movies. This year, I am reading a lot of public domain books on I also enjoy listening to audiobooks. I am a shy person and get nervous quickly but just for a short while. I don't write posts regularly on LJ but I answer LJ messages within two days, maximum one week.
If you are interested in becoming my friend, here's what we will do.
First, we have to get to know each other through LJ posts/message exchange. If we became good friends then we can have voice calls over Skype.
Here's the thing, I will ONLY have VOICE calls. I also have a problem using the headphones. So sometimes, I have to use the loudspeaker (WARNING: Most of the time, I am not alone in my room).
If you are okay with all of that, leave a comment. And if you don't like the Skype part and still want to be my friend, feel free to leave a comment. I think writing messages is also fun.
I am looking forward to being your friend. And talk to you soon!

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