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Friends and motivations

Hi guys!

I'm not at all new to the blogging community, however I am pretty new here... I used to own a xanga site until they shut it down and made us pay premium... and now it's not even working... I've been searching for a good blogging sit just to keep a daily journal or every other day or month, whatever. But I couldn't stick to any one site. It's because now we have so many social network and to update one site is fine, but I feel the need to update every site(Facebook, Tumblr, instagram, etc.) it's too much. I'm hoping to stick with this one since my friend introduced me to here. I'm also hoping to make some friends here so that I can be more motivated to update :]

Okay here's some facts about me: I'm a university student, studying clinical laboratory science. I chose this major because I've been out there in the working world and did too much customer service that I find it would better suit me if I work somewhere with much less people. I'm way too shy and I'd rather not speak my mind, unless asked. I'm pretty introverted but I can also be pretty annoying when it comes to close friends and family... I love animals, and favorite hobby is photography. I also love science and disease, not so much of a math fans but I can live with it. Anyway, thanks for reading my introduction, hope we could be friends :]


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