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Newbie, sort of

So, it's been quite a while since I was an LJ regular and I thought I'd drop in and shamelessly trawl for buddies for my nice clean-slate account!

I'm basically looking for a little online refuge from the real world as I try to get better at the whole work/life balance thing, so my blogging will be a bit of diary-style rambling, but probably more random thoughts on stuff that captures my attention and hopefully some signs that my inner frustrated writer might get to escape a little more than she has of late ...

I'm fairly easy-going when it comes to getting along with people - probably still a bit too shy for my own good, but now I'm that little bit older (early 30s), a bit less self-conscious than I used to be. I work in news, so I like strong opinions and debate and I don't get arsey over people thinking differently to how I do. Boring world if we were all the same, no?

I do the normal hanging with friends and family when I can, bars, shopping, movies, gigs, lots of coffee, all that sort of thing, but my big passion is storytelling - whether it's books, TV or film. I've managed one foray into the world of self-publishing and I've dabbled to varying degrees with fanfiction, etc since I was just a kid.

Since my job is pretty demanding and often stressful, one of my favourite ways to escape is just curling up under a blanket and binge-watching boxsets - whether new shows or rewatchs of old favourites. I was a huge Buffy and Angel fan in my younger days, The Shield is one of my all-time greats, and the current list ranges from The Walking Dead to Sherlock with a lot of stuff in between and a lot more on my to-do list.

I literally just signed up here again, so the signs of life are currently minimal, but I did get the obligatory first post out of the way and made that particular little all-about-moi offering public, so feel free to nosy and see if ya fancy adding me!

Torrie :)

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