The Wonderful and Frightening World of Rubin23 (rubin23) wrote in add_me,
The Wonderful and Frightening World of Rubin23

Time to re-up

Hi guys,

I'm ready to get some new blood in my LJ friends list, so getting right to it:

-Same LJ for 15 years
-I'm 40
-Not Bi-Polar, no anxiety, no depression
-My journal is about what I'm watching, what I'm listening to, some social commentary, sometimes I reach out for advice or a sympathetic ear if I'm going through something.
-I lurk a lot but I LOVE COMMENTS. Too much is not enough
Music Taste Name Drop:
Shoegaze stuff like My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Chapterhouse
Indie stuff like Velocity Girl, Superchunk, Interpol
Oldwave stuff like New Order, The Cure, Siouxie and the Banshees
Hip Hop stuff like Kool Keith, MF Doom, Deltron

I curse but not often, I tend not to comment on entries that already have tons of comments; others "need it more".

GoT, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Star Wars, general geekdom talk is always welcome but not required exclusively. I think that's it; form an orderly queue :-p


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