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Hello all you beautiful people!

I had a journal last year but honestly a lot changed and I wanted a fresh start with a new journal ( more of an explanation in first entry). I hope to post every few days if not every day.
My name is Olivia. I am 24 and live in the Midwest United States.
A few factoids to get to know me:
I am pursuing a pagan lifestyle. Researching Wicca specifically but keeping my options open to what I feel/believe and how things flow.
I am a corporate accountant, currently the assistant manager of Fixed Assets.
Hobbies include: books (all kinds really), horror films, running, hiking, camping, Excel (yup,I play with it at night. Don't judge me.), cooking, thrift shopping, and sex( if we're being really honest here).
I'm dating a rambunctious mechanic that I am moving in with next month. He has a habit of convincing me to do crazy things.

My blog will include all kinds of stuff: daily life, musings, observations about my beliefs and life, probably a few rants. It will also probably contain language, sex, and some adult activities. I normally comment a lot on stuff that interests me. I welcome comments and support but don't feel obligated at all. I mainly write for my own release and benefit but appreciate having an audience to bounce ideas and hear feedback from.

Hope we can be friends :D

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