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hello tiny corner of the internet

Hello Internet. It turns out I'm just as bad at introducing myself to people online as I am to people in real life, so I'll just start with the basics and hope I don't sound too awkward.

So here goes. I'm seventeen, a Slytherin, a Virgo, and an INFJ-T. And a Lunar Rabbit. Oh, and I live in Texas (not a native though, I've lived in four different places), and I speak Mandarin.

I'm here because I'm a secretly nosy drama llama and I like reading about other people's lives just as much as I like writing and ranting about my own life.

Here are some things that I really like that you will hear about regularly in my irregularly-posted entries:

*Paramore *CHVRCHES *Troye Sivan *Arctic Monkeys *YouTube playlists *beat tapes *music in general because tbh idgaf what genre it is if I find it I will probably listen to it *Dan and Phil *Dramione (and Harry Potter in general sometimes) *Doctor Who (I love Eleven) *my sense of aesthetics *random fandom stuff *My teachers/people I know/have known because I'm overly sentimental and I miss everyone all the time

Some things that I don't necessarily LIKE but will write about A LOT:

*School (don't judge me I'm a junior and it's stressful when you're trying to get good grades so you won't be the family disappointment okay) *social issues *~feelings~ because I'm emotional all the time and depressed a lot of times and it doesn't really make sense

Anyway so that's some general information about me. I'm really interested in people and their lives, and although I'm one of those horrible people who don't post regularly or sometimes don't post for long periods of time (school is tiring), I genuinely would like to get to know a few people on this site and hear about them and what they're going through, and I do comment religiously on the posts of people I know. So if you'd like to talk, or catch up on the life of an overly-emotional teenager, or just fangirl about something particular with me, is it you even do on LiveJournal--"friend" me? Yeah. Anyway. You can do that.

Thank you for wasting a few minutes reading this, and I'll hopefully see you and your posts around~

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